Exhibit at TESOL 2021 

Virtual Exhibit Booth Pricing


Signature Event  
(24 - 27 March 2021)

Summer Meeting
(26 July - 7 August)


Virtual Booth Price




TESOL's virtual expo hall is now fully committed. We are no longer accepting virtual booth applications for the March convention. We are currently accepting summer virtual booth applications at $750. More details to come.

Virtual Booth Space includes:

  • Two (2) complimentary registrations for virtual booth staff which allows full access to the entire virtual platform including hearing from our keynote speakers and gaining full access to all of our on-demand sessions; additional registrations can be bought for a nominal fee
  • Company logo featured on the TESOL website 
  • The ability to upload images/documents/videos to your virtual booth space, 24/7 attendee access to your booth, unopposed virtual expo hall time during the first three days of the live convention, virtual booth remains open for 60 days post convention, detailed lead retrieval report post convention so you can keep in touch with attendees who visited your booth, chat in real time or video call, and automatically receive notifications of missed messages
  • Priority point earnings (3 for the March signature event and 2 for the summer meeting). Priority points are cumulative and will be added to your current priority points for use at future TESOL events.

Showcare is TESOL's official virtual platform provider. 

Access our virtual booth brochure here.

Exhibitor Sessions

Over the summer, exhibitors under the priority points placement had the opportunity to submit their 30-minute Exhibitor session(s) through MiraSMART (TESOL's new Conference Abstract Management system). As of 15 October we are no longer accepting exhibitor sessions.


Contact exhibits@tesol.org.



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