2013 Exhibit Booth Pricing

Through 16 August, organizations that exhibited in 2012 receive $200 off the Early pricing for 10 x 10 booths. Contact kyle@bluehouse.us for additional pricing.

10' x 10' BOOTHS   Through 31 Dec. 2012 
 After 31 Dec. 2012
Standard 10' x 10' Booth $1,850  $2,050
Strategic 10' x 10' Booth 
 $2,050  $2,250
Premium 10' x 10' Booth $2,250  $2,450
10' x 30' Inline Standard   $5,385 $5,985
10' x 30' Inline Strategic   $5,925 
10' x 30' Inline Premium  $6,585  $7,185
 20' x 20' Island     $9,000   

Additional Badges:  Full Registration: $155 Exhibit Hall Only: $70 (intended for booth personnel who work the duration of the event.)

Exhibiting Packages
Premium Promoter
                1: 10x10 Premium Exhibit Booth
                1: Enhanced Virtual Expo listing
                1: Digital Advanced Program Book Full Page Ad
                1: Convention Program Book Full Page (front matter)
Strategic Promoter
                1: 10x10 Strategic Exhibit Booth
                1: Enhanced Virtual Expo listing
                1: Digital Advanced Program Book Half Page Ad
                1: Convention Program Book Half Page (front matter)
Add a New Product Showcase Session to your package for just $300

You may add additional booths to your package. Contact  kyle@bluehouse.us for pricing.

For booths larger than 20' x 20' or 10' x 30', please contact Kyle Harrington, Advertising and Exhibit Manager, at+1 202.337.5739 or by email at kyle@bluehouse.us

Exhibitor Schedule

Set Up
Tuesday, 19 March    10 am–8 pm      (large booths only)
Wednesday, 20 March    8 am–8 pm*
Thursday, 21 March    7 am–9 am

Exhibit Hours
Thursday, 21 March    9 am–6 pm
Friday, 22 March    9 am–6 pm
Saturday, 23 March    9 am–2 pm

Tear Down
Saturday, 23 March    2 pm–10 pm
*The contracting Exhibitor will forfeit any space not occupied by 8 pm on 20 March 2013, and such space may be sold or reassigned by TESOL without refund or rental fees. Booths cannot be assembled until full payment is received.

Booth Price Includes:
•    Two (2) 3' side drapes and one (1) 8' back drape with a company sign (Note: island spaces do not include drapes)
•    Four (4) full convention registrations
•    Four (4) company Expo Passes, good for Exhibit Hall only
•    Four (4) convention bags and program books  (one for each full convention registration)

In addition, each 10' x 10' booth reserved with 50% deposit by 1 October 2012 receives a 45-minute Exhibitor session. Exhibitors must enter their session(s) into Précis on the TESOL Exhibitor web page no later than midnight 1 October 2012. Exhibitors are entitled to one (1) exhibitor session per booth purchased, not to exceed eight (8) sessions total.

Please Note: The English Language Expo is open until 2:00 PM on Saturday 23 March. As an exhibitor you agree not tear down your booth prior to that time. Attendees expect to see a complete exhibit hall at all times. Any exhibitor who chooses to dismantle outside of the dedicated tear down times will at a minimum, lose all their points and thus priority in signing up for exhibit space at the next year’s meeting. Please plan your travel and staffing accordingly.

Booth Price Does Not Include:
•    Booth furniture package: one (1) 6’ table, two (2) chairs,  one (1) trash can, one (1) 10’ x 10’ carpet:     $225

Added Value Exhibitor Options
•    Enhanced online floor plan listing  on Virtual Expo:    $500
•    Exhibitor New Product Showcase  45-minute session on exhibit floor:     $350


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