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Thursday 29 March 2012

9:15 AM Shurley English
Participants will learn to make English grammar and “shurley” subject for ELL using jingles and a remarkable question and answer flow.
David Lutz, Curriculum Specialist, Shurley Instructional Materials, Inc

10:15 AM Did the Last Emperor Speak English?
Today there are more English speakers in China than in the US. Join us for a look at the EFL Industry in China, from the Qing Dynasty through today.
Lee Russler, Production Manager, EF English First

11:15 AM Partnering with Technology for Successful Language Acquisition
Is technology your teaching partner? Putting technology to work for you and your students is easier than you’d imagine. Technology resources allow educators to do much more in less time. Used effectively, technology can extend the reach of lessons and concepts by providing learners with the opportunity to keep learning outside of the classroom. Come and discover how technology can be the ideal teaching and learning partner.
Boris Morew, Educational Consultant, TELL ME MORE/Auralog


12:15 PM Computer-based Decoding Strategies for the ESOL Reader
This presentation discusses a computer-based reading program for ESOL students. Specific decoding strategies will be taught, and research that supports the need to develop these critical strategies will be shared.
Matt Crismon, Distributor for Reading Horizons

1:15 PM Leveraging Student Data Tools to Save Time
ESL Teachers and Coordinators spend massive amounts of time tracking student data, filling out paperwork and submitting reports. ESLReps is a data management system developed to reduce time spent on tracking data so educators can spend more time teaching. ESLReps not only stores and organized student data, but also generates automated reports and lists. Learn how this online software tool can save time and improve instruction.
Teddy Rice and Carrie Hill, ESL Innovations

2:15 PM Cambridge Michigan Language Assessments Item Writing Workshop
This workshop is designed for materials writers, teachers and assessments specialists who are interested in freelancing for Cambridge Michigan Language Assessments.
Natalie Nordby Chen, Cambridge Michigan Language Assessments

3:15 PM American Speechsounds / English Talk Shop

Friday 30 March 2012
9:15 AM Launch an Online TOEFL Prep Program in 30 Days or Less
Learn how you can take advantage of LearningU’s unique features and tools to implement an online TOEFL Preparation program in 30 days or less.
Sherri Sagers- Director of ESL Programs, LearningU

10:15 AM Native Language and Community Revitalization: Untapped Resources for English Teaching
This workshop explores language pedagogy models that expedite the learning of English grammar, pragmatics, lexicon and pronunciation while supporting the languages and communities of learners.
Elka Todeva, Professor and Leslie Turpin Adjunct Professor, SIT Graduate Institute

11:15 AM Professional Development Resources and Strategies for Teachers and Administrators
Ensure that ALL educators (mainstream, literacy, ESL, bilingual, sped) know how to educate ELLs. Differentiation strategies, practitioner guides, foundational textbooks, companion websites, posters and more!
Rebecca Freeman Field, Caslon Publishing and Consulting

12:15 PM Higher Colleges of Technology – UAE: Developing Your TESOL Career
Seasoned expats share experiences of living and working in the United Arab Emirates and how to make the most in advancing your career through global experience.
Pamela McInroy, Chair of Foundations, Higher Colleges of Technology

1:15 PM Collaborating and Sharing ESL Teaching Experience Across The Curriculum
Learn how to embed ESL teaching expertise across the curriculum, so all teachers can benefit, with the FREE Waypoint rubrics and document markup platform.
Lisa Farley, Associate Professor, Waypoint Outcomes

2:15 PM Improve Stakeholder Communication with Automated Reporting Tools
To be effective, ESL Coordinators and Teachers need to communicate with many stakeholders: parents, teachers, school leadership teams, and various compliance authorities. ESLReps provides reporting tools that make stakeholder communication more effective and time-efficient. Print out prefilled Parent Notification letters, WIDA Standard Reports, LEP Students Plans and much more in seconds.
Teddy Rice and Carrie Hill, ESL Innovations


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