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Engaging ELLs in the Mainstream


Tuesday, 27 March 2012
Mainstream teachers—with or without ESL credentials—carry the lion’s share of accountability for appropriately and equitably educating English language learners. ESL specialists, though fierce advocates, are few in number and are often as marginalized as their students.

TESOL’s K-12 Day promises to provide interactive, practice-oriented sessions that focus on concrete ways to increase student engagement and achievement from preschool to high school.  Student engagement is explored through differentiation, academic language and literacy development, best practices, leadership and advocacy, and hot topics highlighting challenges and successes.

All attendees will attend both the morning and lunchtime keynotes. Attendees will then choose from sessions in one of five strands to attend. Attendees may mix and match their sessions from multiple strands. Certificates of attendance will be mailed to all attendees after the convention. CEUs and Act 48 credit are available.

Also, one graduate credit will be available through Immaculata University, on a Pass/No Pass basis, discounted tuition of $130, no additional fees. Required: (a) documented all-day attendance at the K-12 Day workshop, and (b) submission, by Friday, 18 May 2012, of two follow-up assignments building on K-12 Day content (a short 3-5 page paper and a short video or Power Point presentation). Digital submission preferred. Further details and application forms available on-site at K-12 Day. [Cultural & Linguistics Diversity Program, College of Graduate Studies, Immaculata University, Immaculata, Pennsylvania, USA]

Download the Full Brochure (PDF)

Morning Keynote
8 am–8:45 am
Dynamically Increasing Verbal Engagement in Linguistically Diverse K-12 Classrooms
Presenter: Kate Kinsella

Lunchtime Keynote
12:15 pm–1:15 pm
A New Paradigm for Advocacy
Presenter: James Crawford

Strand A: Instructional and Evaluative Differentiation
Strand B: Academic Language and Literacy
Strand C: Exceptional Content Classroom Practices
Strand D:  Leadership and Advocacy
Strand E: Hot Topics: Challenges & Successes
Strand F: Family and Community
Strand G: Administrators Making a Difference

9 am–10:30 am
A.  Bolstering Competent Vocabulary Use Through Explicit Instruction and Scaffolded Application
Presenter: Kate Kinsella

B.  Writing to Learn: Sneaking Writing into Everything We Teach
Presenter: Katie Brooks

C.  Report Writing: An Essential Academic Resource
Presenter: Maria Estela Brisk

D.  Leading Thriving Language Acquisition Programs that Create High-Performing ELLs
Presenters: Julie Motta, Pat Morris

E.  Undocumented Students' Path to Success
Presenters: Tania Chairez

F.   What does it take to become an adult?
Presenter: Nelson Silva

G.  Leading the Call to Educate ELLs in a K-12 School
Presenter: Denise Greene-Wilkinson

10:45 am–12:15 pm
A.  Best Practices in Differentiating Writing Instruction for Adolescent ELLs
Presenter: Nancy Cloud

B.  Classic ESL Strategies: Integrating Academic Language, Literacy and Thinking Skills
Presenter: Betty Smallwood

C.  A Bigger Toolbox: Equipping Teachers with Sheltering Techniques
Presenter: Cindy Hunt

D.  ELLs, Immigrant Students, and the Law
Presenter: Elizabeth Bagdon

E.  Teaching English Learners in Low Incidence Districts: Challenges and Opportunities
Presenter: Kathy Lobo

F.  From Compliance to Learning Reciprocity in Family and Community Involvement
Presenter: J. Andres Ramirez, Perla McGinness, Nelisa Matos

G.  Using Interactive Techniques to Enhance Educators’ Cultural Competencies
Presenters: Susan Spezzini, Julia Austin

1:30 pm–3:00 pm
A.  Co-teaching, Coaching and Collaboration: Teaming Approach to Academic Language Development
Presenters: Bonnie Baer-Simahk, Patricia Aube

B.  Supporting Language Development for Young Mathematicians (K-2)
Presenters: Kelly Hill

C.  A Language-Rich Secondary Science Classroom
Presenters: Renee Davis, Elda Rojas

D.  The Plight of Immigrant Students: How DREAM Act Would Help!
Presenter: Roger Rosenthal, Jennifer Gallagher, Cynthia Haring, Katia Valdeos, Christina Vetre

E.  ESL Instructional Coaching as District Policy: Mainstreaming Best Practices
Presenters: Annela Teemant

F.  Culture, Community and Conscience
Presenter: Deborah Wei

G.  Creating and Enhancing Programs: Structures and Systems
Presenters: Jody Klein, Kathy Lobo

3:15 pm–4:45 pm
A.  Enhancing Engagement of English Learners in Grade-level Classrooms
Presenter: Mary Lou McCloskey

B.  Debating Teaches Critical LIstening and Effective Presentation Skills
Presenter: Alexis Gerard Finger

C.  The Key to Independence: Literacy Instruction
Presenters: dotti Kauffman

D.  Advocacy: Merging Academic with Practical
Presenter: Eric Dwyer

E.  Tuning In-to Parental Support CANCELLED
Presenter: Elizebth Summers

F.  Building Equity for Latino Parents: A School District-University Collaboration
Presenter: Joseph Leaf, Stanton Wortham, Sarah Lipinoga, Elaine Allard

G.  Social Justice Leadership for English Language Learners: Privileging Student Voice
Presenter: Trish Morita-Mullaney


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