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Booth Company Name
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527M 3 CulinaryMed Docs
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212 Absolute Concept Designs, LLC
429M Academia Sinica
718 Accelerated Materials Pte Ltd.
431M Agentis Air LLC
304 American Data Solutions
401 Ames National Laboratory
100 Anello Photonics
100 Arbor Batteries
606 Argonne National Laboratory Materials Manufacturing Innovation Center
701 Arizona Commerce Authority
C4 Arkema Inc.
607 attocube systems Inc.
100 Axiom Technologies
536T Axon Medical Technologies, LLC
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414 BBC Entrepreneurial Training & Consulting (BBCetc)
217 Beacon Industries
528M Blumen Systems
525M BotBuilt
403 Bruker
C     top
422T Callentis Consulting Group
100 Carbon SiC Technologies, Inc.
315 CASFER Engineering Research Center
601 Cerion Nanomaterials
419 Cigent Technologies, Inc.
721 Clarivate
413 Coatema Coating Machinery GmbH
514 Copprium, Inc.
222 Cyclo.Cloud, EPA P. Hurd Awardee 2022
207 CyOne Inc.
716 Cypris
D     top
420T Data Twin/Texas State University
424M DeltaHawk Engines, Inc.
100 Dragoon Technology, LLC
E     top
516 Edge Technologies, Inc.
532T Electrified Thermal Solutions, Inc.
617 elementalGEO
426M EndoTheia, Inc.
303 Engineering Research Vision Alliance
224 EPA P3: Ball State University
226 EPA P3: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
228 EPA P3: Georgia Southern University
230 EPA P3: Gonzaga University
225 EPA P3: Manhattan College
227 EPA P3: Michigan State University
229 EPA P3: Montclair State University
231 EPA P3: New Jersey Institute of Technology
324 EPA P3: Oregon State University
326 EPA P3: Texas State University
328 EPA P3: The University of Alabama
420M EPA P3: University of California Riverside
330 EPA P3: University of Cincinnati
329 EPA P3: University of Colorado Boulder
327 EPA P3: University of Missouri
325 EPA P3: University of Wisconsin-Madison
322 EPA P3: US EPA P3 Program
323 EPA P3: Villanova University
331 EPA P3: Western Kentucky University
426T Espre Technologies, Inc.
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307 Farmed Materials
500 Federal Laboratory Consortium
703 Fedsprout
502 Fenwick & West LLP
301 Fermilab
715 FLEXcon
100 FLIP (J3D Labs)
100 Flyt Aerospace
529T Forcing Function LLC
717 Foresight Science & Technology, Inc.
306 Fortis Life Sciences
G     top
429T GEM
423M Genesis Codes Inc
218 Guild Associates, Inc.
H     top
517 Hawk Ridge Systems
100 Helicoid Industries Inc.
I     top
428T Immobileyes Inc.
100 Impressio Tech
529M Innogized Technologies, Inc
702 Innventure
214 Integration Technologies Group, Inc.
525T Isosceles Pharmaceuticals
J     top
412 Jameson & Company LLC
317 Jaseci Labs
216 Jefferson Lab
K     top
713 Kaleo
437T KeyCaliber
712 Koch Modular Process Systems, LLC
613 Korea Institute of Energy Research (KIER)
L     top
612 Larta Institute
213 Laser Thermal Inc.
430T LAU Superconductors (Eau Claire) Limited
506 Lift-Off Pipe Supports
C2 Linde
C1 Lockheed Martin Corporation
515 Lukasiewicz Research Network - Institute of Microelectronics and Photonics
M     top
531M MAE Group
522T Margik
513 Marshallton Research Laboratories Inc.
603 Materic
431T Matregenix
616 MemComputing, Inc.
425M Metakosmos
427M Microbeam Technologies Inc
524M MicroSilicon
415 Mississippi Polymer Institute
619 Mississippi State University
711 Mobilize
100 Moleaer Inc
201 Molecular Rebar Design, LLC.
N     top
307 Nano Catalytics
432T Nanomatronix
302 Nanoscale Science Research Centers
100 NanTenna
700 National Corn Growers Association
203 National Energy Technology Laboratory
518 National University of Singapore
507 Naval Surface Technology & Innovation Consortium (NSTIC)
418 necoTECH
205 Neuro Rehab VR
524T Neurxstem Inc
503 Northrop Grumman Corporation
100 Notch Inc.
O     top
400 Oak Ridge National Laboratory
416 OmniSync Incorporated
316 Orbital Composites, Inc.
P     top
423T Pacific Advanced Technology Inc
512 Park Systems
508 Physical Electronics
714 Pollen Metrology
428M Precient Technologies, LLC
100 Protonex LLC dba PNI Sensor
Q     top
300 Quantica
407 Quantum Cat. Co., Ltd
R     top
318 Radmantis
417 Radom Corporation
307 Rare Earth Technologies Inc (RETI)
614 REM Surface Engineering
509 RISE Consortium
719 Rowan University
314 RVmagnetics
S     top
530T Salt-Free Water Systems
100 Sempulse Corporation
526M Sensobright Industries LLC
430M Singapore University of Technology and Design
526T SingletO2 Therapeutics
100 Soar Technology, Inc.
308 Society for Science at User Research Facilities (SSURF)
223 Sohi Patel, EPA P. Hurd Awardee 2021
522M Soliyarn Inc.
425T Spectrohm, Inc.
519 Stanford University Office of Technology Licensing
T     top
100 Talus Ridge
422M Tampa Deep Sea Xplorers
501 TechConnect Division, Advanced Technology International
C3 TechLink
402 TechOpp Consulting, Inc.
100 TeraDAR, Inc.
705 Texas Tech University Office of Research Commercialization
406 The Australian National University
312 The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
424T The Provenance Chain Network
528T Thermorefinery Technologies Inc.
427T Trabus Technologies
100 Tyfast Energy Corp.
U     top
100 U.S. Army Applied SBIR Office
215 U.S.Department of Energy - Office of Fossil Energy & Carbon Management
706 United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority
608 University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
219 University of Chicago
708 University of Minnesota, Office for Technology Commercialization
602 University of Pennsylvania-Penn Center for Innovation
V     top
319 VPI Technology
W     top
709 Washington State University, Office of Commericalization
100 WingXpand
X     top
212 Xairgen LLC
100 Xona Space Systems
Z     top
408 Zamorins Solutions Inc.
527T ZiprPrint


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