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About the Keynote Speaker

Elizabeth McCormick, CSP, CVP, CW2 US Army (RET) 
Founder, President, Soar 2 Success International LLC

As a decorated US Army Black Hawk Helicopter Pilot, Elizabeth McCormick flew air assault, command and control, top-secret intelligence missions, and transported high-level government VIP’s.  Then Elizabeth transitioned from her military service to corporate business as an international contract negotiator and commodity manager in purchasing and supply chain for global corporations. 

Her leadership and rise to success in the military paved the way for her professional achievements in corporate and entrepreneurial sales environments. Through her gifted art of analysis and negotiation, expert mentoring abilities, mastery of management, and team-building skills, she led several teams throughout her career to top achievements that include millions of dollars in strategic cost-saving measures for regional, national, and global business entities. 

As an authority on leadership, military, and veterans issues, she is highly sought after with the media. She is frequently seen on ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, CW, in the Wall Street Journal and was just recently live on CNN for a segment on helicopter performance. Her personal development book, The P.I.L.O.T. Method; the Five Elemental Truths to Leading Yourself in Life, is a “must read” along with her 19+ business tip books in the Soar 2 Success series on leadership and entrepreneurial topics. 

In addition to her aviation training, Elizabeth was trained in the US Army’s Safety School to contribute and lead her unit’s preparedness and readiness. Other than her Army Aviator badge and her many military awards, she’s most proud of receiving the Humanitarian Service Medal. 

In 2011, Elizabeth was awarded the US Congressional Veteran Commendation for her service to her country and community as a disabled veteran. 

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