Frequently Asked Questions



Where will the 2015 JETC be held?
Do I need to be a SAME member to attend this event?
I just became a SAME member, but I do not see my member record in the registration system. Why is this?
How many attendees do you expect at the 2015 JETC?
My company is a SAME Sustaining Member, does this automatically make me a member of SAME?
How do I register more than one person?
What forms of payment do you accept?
Can I pay with more than one credit card?
How do I pay by check on the registration form?
How do I make hotel reservations?
Where do I send my check payment?
I want to register now, but I cannot pay until a later date, is this possible?
How do I register Exhibit Booth Staff?
How do I retrieve a copy of my invoice/receipt?
How can I obtain an attendee list?
When is the last day to register for JETC?
I can no longer attend JETC. How do I cancel my registration?
I can no longer attend JETC and want to transfer my registration to someone else. How do I do this?

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