Exhibitor Service Manual

If you are exhibiting at the SAME 2018 Small Business Conference, you should have received an e-mail from our general services contractor, The Expo Group, with a link to the Exhibitor Services Manual.   All of the forms are listed below for your convenience.  Even if you are a small business or government agency and don't think you will be ordering or shipping anything, you need to read through the information - especially, material handling, cart service and union rules.  If you have questions about shipping, move-in. or ordering information, please contact The Expo Group.  The Expo Group Account Manager for this event is Courtney Rowe, 972-751-9451 or by email CRowe@theexpogroup.com

If you have questions about Show Management Rules & Regulations or the exhibitor schedule, please contact our Exhibits department exhibits@same.org 


Show Management Rules & Regulations (click here to read)

Service Manual (click here for on-line services manual)

The Service Manual Contains information such as:

  • Expo Group information

  • Furniture, Carpet, Rental Exhibits, Signs

  • Material Handling & Shipping

  • Labor

  • Utilities

  • AV Rental

Facility Guidelines (click here to read)
Booth Catering (click here to review and order)

Exhibitor Marketing Tool Kit (click here for tools to help you market your participation)