Networking Roundtables

Networking Roundtable appointment scheduling is now OPEN!  PLEASE REVIEW this page so you understand the processes and procedures! Table Hosts (Large Businesses and Public Agencies) and Small Businesses will control their own appointments in real-time through the Attendee Service Center (for Small Businesses) and Exhibitor Service Center (for Table Hosts).
Public agencies and large businesses will host tables at which they will be available to discuss real business opportunities and lay the foundation to develop new client-consultant relationships with small businesses. Appointments are on a first-come, first-served basis; the appointment system is now open.

Networking Roundtable Sessions will be held:

  • Thursday, November 16, 2017: 10:45 am -  4:30 pm
  • Friday, November 17, 2017: 8:30 am - 11:00 am

Appointments are 20 minutes long with a 10 minute break between appointments.  Table Hosts can accommodate up to 5 individual Small Business Representatives during one time slot and Small Businesses may request appointments with a total of 3 Table Hosts (i.e. a total of 3 appointments overall may be booked).  Please note that SAME will notify Small Businesses if more time slots become available.  Everyone is asked to honor all appointments in their schedules.  SAME is not responsible for making appointments, approving appointments, accepting or denying appointments, checking appointment schedules, providing appointment reminders, ensuring accuracy of Table Host availability, and does not guarantee that appointment requests will be accepted by Table Hosts.  

Small Businesses - Here's How You Will Request Appointments Only Small Businesses may request appointments with Large Businesses or Public Agencies. 
Once the system is open, login to the Attendee Service Center and look for the Attendee Networking menu item to request appointments with Table Hosts.  Table Hosts must, in turn, accept your appointment request – not all requests are guaranteed.  Notifications are sent from the system to alert both parties of the appointment.  You can log into the Attendee Service center at any time to see your personal appointment requests, approved appointments, and appointment schedule. To review our step by step Attendee Appointment Guide, please click here

Each appointment is for ONE PERSON. Your appointment does not allow for you to bring other individuals from your company along.  Each individual from your company should book individual appoinments!

Large Businesses and Government Agencies - Here's How to Manage Your Appointments Once the System is Open
Table Hosts should login to the Exhibitor Service Center and look for the Exhibitor Networking menu item to manage their appointment book – the Table Host controls what times are available for attendees to request appointments.  A default schedule has been uploaded to the “Time Blocks” tab that shows the Host is available at every appointment time frame – it is imperative that the Host delete the time frames the Host does not intend to be available.  Please block necessary breaks and lunch as you see fit.

Small Businesses will request appointments with you through the system. You must either accept or decline the appointment requests. Notifications are sent from the system to alert both parties of the appointment.  You can log into the Exhibitor Service Center at any time to see your company’s appointment requests, approved appointments, and appointment schedule.  It is imperative that Table Hosts honor all appointments that they approved.

On-Site - Networking Roundtables are Located in Hall B
All appointment holders and Table Hosts will report to Exhibit Hall B to check-in prior to appointments.  Table Hosts will receive their table number at check-in.  Please be sure to leave enough time to check-in prior to the start of your appointment time.

Questions?  Need Help?  Contact Kelly Dawson at or 703-549-3800 x111.