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Matched Networking Sessions

MATCHED NETWORKING ADVANCE SIGN-UP IS CLOSED.  Small businesses may sign-up for open slots on-site, Wednesday, November 4, during normal exhibit hall hours in the SAME Booth.  

If you signed up in advance, the POC you listed should have received an e-mail from koff@same.org.


For Matched Networking Sessions, we are focused on optimizing everyone's time by matching specific large business and government agency needs with the small businesses that can fulfill them. This Networking format should allow both parties an opportunity to discuss real business opportunities and lay the foundation to develop new client-consultant relationships for small businesses.

Government agencies and large businesses are invited to host tables and asked to complete a profile about their organization, to include the NAICS codes for which they need small business support. Please note that only large businesses that are exhibiting can host tables due to space limitations. Large businesses will be surveyed for interest during the booth registration process and a profile survey will be sent to those who expressed interest.  Large businesses must submit a profile survey by  September 15,  in order to host a networking table. 

Small businesses (SBs) wishing to participate must complete a profile to include the NAICS codes under which their services typically fall. Small businesses will also be asked to indicate preferences of which participating government agencies and large businesses they'd like to meet. SAME will match the small businesses that submitted a profile with the government agency or large business most appropriate, based on the profiles submitted by all parties and taking into account the ranked preference of the SB.  Please note that there are a limited number of meeting slots available; indicating interest and submitting a profile does not guarantee that your company will obtain a match.

The SB profile survey will be available for completion starting October 1.  SBs must submit a profile by October 20 in order to be matched. 

SAME will notify all participants of their matches and appointment date/time prior to the conference. This will give both parties an opportunity to know with whom they're meeting before their designated meeting time. This should allow small businesses to do their homework and be prepared to ask specific questions regarding real opportunities.

Matches will be made in the following manner:

  1. LBs and SBs that indicate interest on the exhibitor and individual registration forms will be sent instructions for filling out their profiles.
    1. LBs must submit a profile survey by September 15 in order to host a networking table.
    2. SBs must submit a profile survey by October 20 in order to participate.
  2. Matches will be made in the order of the date/time for which profiles were submitted.
  3. Once the profile submission closes, SAME will match each SB with one GA or LB, taking into account the preferences listed in the SB profile. If meeting times are still available after all SBs have been matched, additional matches will be made until all meeting slots are full.  
  4. Prior to the SBC, company POCs will receive notification of the GAs and/or LBs with whom their company has been matched, the day/time of the appointments, and specific instructions on how to prepare for the meetings.

Once profiles have been submitted, ALL communications regarding the matched networking will be sent ONLY to the POC submitted with the form. We regret that SAME cannot send information to more than one individual from each company and it is your responsibility to convey the information to those attending the meetings.

Questions?  Contact Kathy Off, koff@same.org

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