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Exhibitor Communication


Please click on the links below to see what has been sent to registered exhibitors thus far:

Sent 7-24-15 to current exhibitors

Sent 7-28-15 to current exhibitors

Sent 8-10-15 to current exhibitors

Sent 9-9-15 to current exhibitors

Sent 9-24-15 to current exhibitors

Are you worried that you aren't receiving information from show management?  Here are a few tips so you don't miss out!

There could be many reasons why you haven't received any information from us and in order for you to have a positive conference experience, we need to fix it!  We send e-mails from two locations - registration and membership.

1) Are you a member of SAME?  Members of SAME receive marketing e-mails about conference and advertising opportunies - including alerts as to when registration is open for particular events.

2) Members - are you keeping your profile up to date?  If your SAME Sustaining Member Representative is no longer with your company, our marketing e-mails could be going to an inactive address.

2) Are you the booth contact (i.e. the name associated with the booth) that registered for your company's space?  Sometimes due to company turnover, we find that we are sending e-mails to an address that is no longer active.  You must contact exhibit@same.org in order to change the booth contact for your company.  This is only an issue if you are already registered for the event.

3) Are our e-mails going to your junk or SPAM folder?  You may have to identify the "same," "goeshow," and "theexpogroup" domains as safe in order to receive our e-mails.  Please ask your IT department how to do this.

4) If you are worried that you are missing something, please make sure you check the conference website.  Most of the time, the information that we send in e-mails can also be found there.

5) Finally - please be sure to READ the information that is on the website and e-mailed to you.  99% of the questions we are asked and the frustration experienced by exhibitors is due to somebody not reading the information or passing it on to the correct people within their company.




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