Attendee Information

Dietary Restrictions

Special meals are offered for health, medical, and religious reasons and can be prepared only with advance notice. Do you have any dietary restrictions? 

Photography [REQUIRED]

The National Forum will be covered by a photographer for Philanthropy magazine. May we use your photo in Philanthropy or in any future Philanthropy Roundtable materials?


Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), do you require auxiliary aids or services? If yes, please specify additional assistance required.

Non-Solicitation Policy [REQUIRED]

This is a solicitation-free event where attendance is restricted to qualified donors. Grant-receiving organizations may not attend.

By registering for this event, I agree to abide by The Philanthropy Roundtable's non-solicitation policy. I will not solicit any of my fellow participants before, during, or after the conference. Should I receive any type of solicitation, I will contact a Roundtable staff member so that immediate attention can be directed to the matter.

Meeting Qualifications [REQUIRED]

The Philanthropy Roundtable National Forum is open to individuals and private foundations that annually distribute, or intend to distribute in the near future, at least $100,000 in charitable donations. In-kind contributions and scholarships should not be part of the contribution calculation. Development officers from any qualified organization and/or public charity are ineligible to attend. Do you qualify to attend? 

Qualified Attendees Include:
• Individual Philanthropists
• Board and staff of Private Foundations
• Board and Staff of Operating Foundations
• Board and staff of Corporate Foundations and Corporate Giving Programs
• CEO, Executive Director or President of Community Foundations
• CEO, Executive Director or President of Venture Philanthropy Partnerships
• CEO, Executive Director or President of Donor Advised Funds
• CEO, Executive Director or President of Regional Grantmaker Associations
• Donor Advisors may attend with a qualified donor or provide verification of registration on behalf of a qualified donor.
• CEO, Executive Director or President of qualified public charities. Qualified public charities include those that make grants in excess of one million dollars annually and devote more than half of their operating budget to grants for external activities (excluding scholarships.)

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