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ONA18 Attendee Registration

Welcome to attendee registration for ONA18 — the Online News Association’s Annual Conference and Online Journalism Awards Banquet!
MEMBER PASSES: To access the member registration rate, please log in to your ONA member account to grab the Promo Code (starts with P) you'll need for the form.
If you are not an ONA member, but you’d like to access the ONA member registration rate, please join ONA and then go back to the ONA18 Registration page.
MULTI-PASS REGISTRATION: After providing information and selecting a pass and/or OJA Awards Banquet Ticket for the first attendee, you'll be able to register additional attendees. If you register 10 or more attendees at one time, you will receive a $50 discount off each registration. Contact registration@journalists.org for a template to gather attendee details you'll need during the registration process.
STUDENT PASSES: If you are planning to register for an ONA18 Student Pass, you must include your academic affiliation in the Company/Organization field. Check the Student Registration Policy for eligibility to use this type of pass.
SPONSORS/EXHIBITORS/MIDWAY PARTICIPANT PASSES: Your organization's point of contact will receive instructions on how to register attendees included in the participation agreement. Please contact registration@journalists.org for details.

Click the Start button below to begin the ONA18 registration process.


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