Frequently Asked Questions

1) General Information
I have a question, who do I contact?
Show Dates & Hours
What is the dress code?
What about attendee lists?
Can we speak at the Annual Convention & Education Expo?
What is the Exhibitor Service Center (ESC)?
I can't remember my password to the Exhibitor Service Center
What are your Insurance requirements?
2) Authorized Vendors
Who is the General Service Contractor?
Who is NYSSBA's Housing Provider?
3) Exhibitor Service Kit
Where can I find the Exhibitor Service Kit?
Can I ship to the show site?
What comes in the booth?
What is NOT included in the booth?
What is Materials Handling (aka Drayage)?
What about Wi Fi?
4) Registration & Housing
When can I register my booth staff?
When will I be able to make Housing reservations?

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