Student Showcase


See how school districts are helping students navigate 21st Century learning in three categories:

  • Learning and Innovation – critical thinking, problem solving, innovation
  • Digital Literacy – technology, media, information
  • Life and Career Skills – leadership, self-direction, adaptability, accountability

Coxsackie-Athens CSD
Learn why Coxsackie-Athens Central School District was ranked #1! Students will discuss their participation in a student technology help desk and their use of micro-credentials to enhance coding, literacy and life-ready skills through self-led learning.

West Hempstead High School
The West Hempstead HS Virtual Enterprise Program is a business simulation that turns the classroom into a real-world office. Students manage a virtual business selling their products online and at the trade shows to other firms around the world.

Monticello Central School District: My Brother's Keeper Program
This booth will showcase all of the highlights, activities, events and initiatives developed by our students in the My Brother's Keeper Family and Community Engagement Program to improve outcomes for young men of color.

Irvington UFSD
The Irvington UFSD Student Innovation Fund is a student grant program supported by the Irvington Education Foundation. It is designed to promote student agency by inspiring unique student-led programs to enrich learning.

Hewlett-Woodmere Public Schools
Students will highlight our Outdoor Environmental Center, offering gardening areas, a greenhouse, aquaponics and hydroponic systems, a food composter and pond ecosystem. Students think creatively and critically while experiencing gardening, maintaining ecosystems and observing growth of different plans and animals.

Valley Stream School District #24
Creative STEAM projects will be showcased inclusive of engineering, technology, literacy, math, visual arts and design elements at the elementary level. Problem solving and critical thinking with technological and collaborative elements were used in the creation of these projects.

Baldwin School District: SuppLI
This booth showcases Baldwin High School's Virtual Enterprise student company SuppLI, for the Long Island and Youth Business Summit Trade Shows. All aspects were designed by the students through their own efforts and demonstrate innovation and creativity.

Riverhead CSD Technology/Robotics
Riverhead HS Robotics students will display some of the robots they have designed, built and showcased in competitions. Students will also display examples of work that employ Arduino, Raspberry PI and other technology to create meaningful modern day technology projects.

Space is limited, contact Anna O'Hara via email or phone at 800-342-3360 x 3710 for more information.

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