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Vendor's Meals and Presentation Registration


NYSABE’s 2018 Conference APPROVED Vendor's Meals and Presentation Tickets is NOW Open!!!!

Your are filling out this form ONLY if you are an APPROVED Vendor/Sponsor (this means that you have already contacted Ms. Eva Garca, and have filled out the Booth/sponsorship Form with her).

If you are not an APPROVED Vendor, you cannot proceed with this Registration Form. If needed, contact Eva Garcia at evgarcia@fordham.edu.

This form is for those Vendors/Sponsors who in addition to their Booth Rental or Advertisement payment, would also like to also participate in conference meal sessions because they are not included in the Booth Rental/Advertisement payment.. If you and/or other company representatives would like to participate in conference meal sessions, we offer you the option of registering at the student rate of $110.00 per person, per day to cover the cost of your meals.

If representative(s) from your company are presenting during the conference (and their names appear in the Conference Program), each presenter MUST register at the regular rate of $220 (Professional One-Day), $515 (Full Conference). They would need to finalize their registration and payment by February 25th.

For those who are choosing the meal-only section
(they are paying the lower rate of $110 per day)

One Day Registration (or Two Days, or Three Day) Meals only - Vendor/Sponsor/Booth Exhibitor

$110 (or $220 or $330)

For Vendor/Presenters who are attending the conference (not only meals),
they pay the regular registration rates.

One Day (or Two-days) Conference Attendance Registration - Vendor/Sponsor/Presenter

$220 (or $440)

Full Conference Attendance Registration - Vendor/Sponsor/Presenter


Gala/Banquet - Vendor/Sponsor Attendance

$95 ($100 after 3/9/2018)

Please click the Start button if you are an APPRIVED Vendor/Sponsor and would like to purchase meals and/or presenter's registration tickets.

Questions or problems with registration? Please contact: NYSABEConference@gmail.com

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