Keynote Lecture Series

C.F.A. Culling Memorial Lecture
Sunday, September 18, 2011
9:45am - 10:45am

One Health: The Intersection of Human, Animal and Environmental Health
Presented by Lisa Conti, DVM, MPH, Director, Division of Environmental Health, Florida Department of Health, Tallahassee, FL

This presentation is intended to engage participants in a manner that promotes cross species and environmental factor considerations as a daily habit.  The outcomes of our communities' ability to add value to this collaboration - effectively communicating and implementing improvements - are enormous given the complexity of today's "Wicked Problems."

Dr. Conti is on the Advisory Board (Hon.) of the One Health Initiative.  The One Health concept is a worldwide strategy for expanding interdisciplinary collaborations and communications in all aspects of health care for humans, animals and the environment. The synergism achieved will advance health care for the 21st century and beyond by accelerating biomedical research discoveries, enhancing public health efficacy, expeditiously expanding the scientific knowledge base, and improving medical education and clinical care. When properly implemented, it will help protect and save untold millions of lives in our present and future generations.