Course Outline

Outline of Subjects Covered in the Mohs Training Seminar

Total: 12 Hours (6 hours covered in each day) 

  1. What is Mohs? A brief history of this procedure.
  2. The Histology of the skin - The largest organ in the body
  3. Mapping including dividing and inking specimens
  4. Making relaxing cuts – when, where, and how to insure the epithelium is down
  5. Embedding –
    • Glass Slide Method
    • CryoEmbedder
    • Heat Extractor
    • Handling, inking and mapping of an ear wedge
    • Embedding Cartilage, mucosa and adipose tissue
    • Freezing artifacts, their causes and how to avoid them.
  6. Sectioning
    • Cryostat Safety
    • Lining up the block to minimize tissue trimmed away
    • Importance of obtaining early sections
    • Sectioning different types of tissue
    • Causes of sections falling off the slide and how to prevent
    • Sectioning artifacts and their causes
    • Use of the brush and anti-roll plate to make high quality sections
    • When and how to use liquid nitrogen and cryospray
  7. Staining
    • H&E including troubleshooting
    • Toluidine Blue and when it is used
    • Alternatives to H&E and Toluidine Blue
    • Automatic Stainers vs Manual Staining
    • Coverslipping to eliminate air bubbles. Compatibility of solvents and mounting media.
    • IHC Staining - Mart1
  8. Safety to meet OSHA and CLIA requirements and Compliance
  9. Cryostats - Brands - Models - The Good and the Bad
  10. MSDS Sheets
  11. CLIA compliance
  12. New Developments in Certification requirements

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