Course Outline

Outline of Subjects Covered in Advanced Mohs Training Seminar

Total: 12 Hours (6 hours covered in each day) 

I. Receive tissue in lab – Review technique

  1. Receive tissue, assign accession number and log in Mohs book
  2. Follow markings on map for tissue dye orientation
  3. Confirm map with all information, patient name, site, tech initials, time in, time out etc.

II. Scoring of tissue (if necessary)

  1. Score tissue in center to allow epidermal edges to lay flat against surface

III. Mapping orientation – review technique

  1. Dye tissue with markings to correlate with map
  2. Make sure each tissue has three points of orientation.

IV. Set up/embed tissue for proper orientation – review techniqes

V. Proper placing of sections on slide – review technique

VI. Staining and understanding of cell structure

  1. Stain with routine Hematoxylin and Eosin
  2. Any special staining

VII. Cover slip and final review of section with corresponding map

VIII. Review all CLIA requirements

  1. Review complete procedure manual
  2. Temperature charting
  3. QA for staining
  4. QA for microscope and all equipment
  5. Proficiency testing

IX. Education requirements

X. Certificates issued

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