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Welcome to the 2019 Call for Conference Performing Ensembles! Dates for this year's Conference are November 21-23 (Thursday-Saturday) in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Performing Ensemble applications
Those who wish to submit applications for a performing ensemble for the 2019 Conference may do so by adhering to the guidelines and completing the online application.The Selection Committee will make all final determinations. You will be required to upload audio recordings in one of the following formats - avi, m4v, mov, mp4, wmv - of the ensemble: three selections with variety, recorded during the 2018-2019 year.  Deadline for applying is May 1, 2019. Ensembles that performed at the 2017 or 2018 Conference will not be eligible to perform in 2019.

In-State Conductors must be current members of NMEA at the time of application and during the Conference. You must enter your membership ID number and expiration date. You should also have photo(s) and bio(s) on hand to upload. Out-of-state conductors may also apply. The person completing this application must be the person actually conducting the ensemble. By completing this application, you agree that, if selected, you will follow the allotted set-up/prep time and rehearsal time-frame set by NMEA policy. No additional time will be permitted in the performance venue. Please consider this carefully when determining the type of ensemble for audition.

NMEA is not responsible for any expenses, travel risks, or chaperonage of ensembles. Only the ensemble that auditions (other than soloists or accompaniment chamber ensemble) may perform at the conference, if selected.

NMEA records video and takes photographs during the Conference to use in our publications and broadcasts, such as the Nebraska Music Educator magazine, the NMEA website, etc.  Submitting an application requires consent to allow any images taken during the conference to be used by NMEA. 

Video or audio recording of any session or performance is strictly prohibited unless it is NMEA authorized personnel.


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