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Speaker Service Center

Welcome to the MDDS Speaker Service Center. Using this site you can:

  • Update/complete your contact information 
  • Update/submit your biography
  • Upload a color photograph of you to be used for promotions
  • Update/submit the title of your presentation(s)
  • Update/submit a brief synopsis for each course you will present
  • Update/submit your course objectives
  • Submit your AV request
  • Upload your course handouts
  • Complete your Conflict of Interest Declaration
  • Access a W-9 form

To begin, please enter your speaker ID and password in the section on the right.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to space concerns, speaker profiles and course information may be edited for print materials.

If you have any questions as you use the Speaker Service Center, please call Korinna Milam, Director of Convention & Events, at (303) 488-9700, ext. 3267 for assistance. Thank you.

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