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Read This First!

The exhibit policies listed in the Prospectus, the Exhibitor Service Center and the convention website are part of the Exhibit Space Application. MDDS reserves the right to interpret these policies as well as to make final decisions on all points covered or not covered in the Prospectus, the Exhibitor Service Center and the convention website.
All exhibitors are required to complete the Exhibit Space Application.

To submit your 2016 RMDC Exhibit Space Application:

1)  Enter the first letter(s) of your company name and click "Start" to search our database. Follow the prompts at the bottom of the screen.
2)  Update or enter your company information.
3)  Select your desired booth(s).
4)  Enter your payment information.
5)  Submit your request.
6)  You will receive a confirmation email upon submission of your request.

7)  Show Management will review your booth request and contact you if there are any concerns.
8)  You will receive your booth assignment via email in July.

MDDS reserves the right to prohibit any exhibit or part of an exhibit which, in its opinion, is not suitable or in keeping with the character of RMDC.
Please watch your email for regular exhibitor updates.

If you have any questions about 2016 RMDC or the application process, please contact Jennifer Wissel at jwissel@mddsdentist.com

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