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Welcome to the LACUE Volunteer Submission form. We need YOU to help make LACUE a success! We are looking for energetic, enthusiastic, friendly people to help direct traffic and be a hall monitor during session times. Every volunteer receives a one of a kind LACUE T-shirt. 

Volunteer Descriptions:

Hall Monitors - as a hall monitor you will be responsible for checking in with the presenters for the rooms in your area during setup and at the start of the session. Once the sessions have started, you will need to get a number count for each room. 

Traffic Directors - as a traffic director you will need to familiarize yourself with the layout of the conference center so you can help direct attendees. 

Advocacy Booth -  Spend 2 hours at the booth asking LACUE participants to just fill out a pre-written form to be emailed to your Congressman and our Senators asking them to fund educational technology and protect Erate. It is SO EASY and will assure that Louisiana educators’ voices are heard by our representatives in Washington, DC. 

Tech Support - Provide presenters and attendees with technical support as needed. 

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