Hearing Schedule

IgCC / ISPSC Final Action Hearings
This year’s Annual Conference will include the all important Final Action Hearings for the 2012 International Green Construction Code, the first green model code to be developed and the 2012 International Swimming Pool and Spa Code.

Hearings Schedule now available.

Confirm Your ICC Membership Information to Vote at the Final Action Hearings / ABM
The Code Council's Annual Conference and Final Action Hearings are scheduled to begin October 31 in Phoenix, Arizona. In accordance with Council Policy 28, new and updated membership information must be received no less than 10 days prior to the first day of the meeting in order for members to exercise their voting privileges, both for the Annual Business Meeting and the Final Action Hearings. The membership deadline for this meeting is close of business on October 21st. Click Here for the form.

When Can Governmental Member Voting Representatives Accept Financial Assistance to Attend Code Hearings?
This document is designed to provide further information, based on CP-36.

Where Can I Find Copies of Code Change Documents?
Beginning with the 2009/2010 Code Development Cycle, ICC stopped printing hard copies of code change documents. Code changes are posted on the ICC website and ICC provides a complimentary CD to those who have signed-up for the service and to all code change proponets. To receive a CD of the Final Action Agenda for the individual consideration of code changes on the International Green Construction Code and the International Swimming Pool and Spa Code, send an email with your name, address (no post office boxes) city, state and ZIP code to