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20 Years of Progress — 20 Years of DREAM

For two decades, Achieving the Dream's collective commitment to students and equity has flourished, transforming higher education institutions throughout the nation into drivers of access, momentum, mobility, and community vibrancy. On our 20th anniversary, we're proud to stand exactly where we belong: where urgent attention to access, retention, and credentialing of minoritized and economically marginalized students is most needed. In February, that will be beside our colleagues and students in Florida, where we'll show up together for DREAM 2024.

ATD's annual signature event, DREAM, convenes thousands of practitioners from hundreds of colleges to exchange evidence-based approaches to accelerating student success and equity. This year, we are more energized than ever to present higher education thought leaders, opportunities for dialogue and sharing, and lessons learned in the student success field.

Join us in celebrating a community inspired by 20 years of ATD's work — a Network that meets every moment, every challenge, and every student with more commitment, innovation, and hope — and help us shape the future.


JOIN THOUSANDS OF INFLUENTIAL LEADERS, SCHOLARS, AND PRACTITIONERS from more than 300 colleges and organizations at Achieving the Dream (ATD)’s 20th annual signature event, DREAM 2024. ATD’s immersive in-person experience provides interactive learning and key insights about evidence-based reform strategies that are transforming higher education.

DREAM 2024 will center on four key themes that represent opportunities to effect meaningful change in our communities.


  • Access: to eliminate barriers and connect more community members to high-value educational opportunities at community colleges
  • Momentum: to address inequities that prevent timely progress through college and connection to workforce and transfer opportunities
  • Mobility: to provide economic security for students and their families, particularly BIPOC, poverty-impacted, and other marginalized communities
  • Community Vitality: to catalyze more equitable and economically vibrant communities and drive shared prosperity

We look forward to seeing you virtually at DREAM 2024!


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