For 16 years, Achieving the Dream has been bringing together community college leaders, content experts, policy makers, and thousands of practitioners in an annual convening designed for interactive learning and networking.
For 2021, ATD has developed a new, immersive virtual experience that includes flexible schedules, single-focus topics, and plenaries led by national experts who focus on current issues and challenges.
Taking DREAM 2021 online will enable colleges inside and outside of the national network to bring larger teams of faculty, staff, and other campus leaders to engage with peers from across the country and world at a critical moment for our sector. A new pricing structure includes group discounts and tiered registration fees.
DREAM provides participants with opportunities to engage with and learn from colleges that have achieved significant, sustainable improvements in student and institutional outcomes. Achieving the Dream Network colleges have been working hard at student success reform for many years, moving away from the early small-scale solutions to discrete problems to whole college transformation. More recently, leading colleges have moved from a focus on access and completion to completion with a credential that has economic value and contributes to the well-being of the communities we serve.
This year’s plenary sessions, concurrent sessions, and workshops will be designed around the following themes:
  • Anchoring a bold, new access agenda: by creating on ramps for adult learners, disconnected youth, and unique populations to achieve socioeconomic mobility in the communities the college serves
  • Centering racial equity: by being intentional and action-oriented in removing racial inequities that impede social justice.
  • Fostering Teaching and learning excellence: by creating new opportunities for professional development and leveraging evidence-based practices that support student learning
  • Leveraging our localness: by developing innovative partnerships that build thriving and equitable communities
  • Listening in new ways in the age of big data: by embedding resilience, sensemaking, and agility into the culture of our institutions and radically moving the student voice into the middle of redesign

We are looking forward to seeing you virtually at DREAM 2021!


Annual Image
Annual Image
Dynamic Content

Engaging, dynamic content and format for 2021 includes Dream Studios, two-hour workshops dive deep into effective practices; Lightning Learning, 30-minute forums highlighting cutting-edge innovation; Spotlight Sessions, in-depth exploration into higher education's most pressing topics; Plenaries, inspired thinking from national experts.

New Pricing Structure

Taking DREAM 2021 online enables colleges inside and outside of the network to bring larger teams to engage with peers from across the country and world at a critical moment for our sector. A new pricing structure includes group discounts and tiered registration fees.

Networking Opportunities

Many chances to connect with leading experts in the field, national policymakers, faculty, presidents, sponsors and thousands of colleagues who are dedicated to the reform work needed to improve success for all students.

Become Part of the ATD Network

Hundreds of colleges have worked with Achieving the Dream to build key institutional capacities to address the crucial challenges that confront them in their commitment to better serve students and increase student outcomes.

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