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Industry Insights

Industry Insights: Sponsored Sessions on Critical Building Blocks for Student Success

Tuesday, February 17

2:00 – 2:45 p.m.
Transform Your Academic Course Schedule through the Power of Analytics
Innovative colleges are leveraging the course schedule to improve student outcomes, increase tuition revenue and control costs. These colleges are discovering that careful alignment of offerings to student needs increases velocity to completion, secures sustainability, and positions them for growth and renewal. Transforming your academic course schedule through the power of analytics can help you realize these improvements, without compromising academic rigor.  Join to hear campus success stories and participate in a change management discussion of ideas that can be used on your campus to better position your academic course schedule in support of student access
and completion.
Michael J. Rivera, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Strategy and Entrepreneurship, Executive MBA Academic Director, Temple University Fox School of Business
Sponsored by Ad Astra Information Systems.

Using Data throughout the Student Experience: A Case Study in New Student Programming
Being data driven requires more than end-of-year reporting. In this session, we will share an assessment framework that can be used to ensure that data are used at every level of the student experience. We will demonstrate how to apply this data-driven approach to the high-impact practices of new student orientation and first-year experiences known to impact student success and persistence. Participants will be able to apply the data-driven framework to their work with students as well as identify how technology can assist them with using data in real time.
J. D. White, Vice President of Product Development, Campus Labs
Annemieke Rice, Vice President of Campus Success, Campus Labs
Sponsored by Campus Labs.

3:00 – 3:45 p.m.
Improved Student Success through Technology
To see real improvement in student outcomes, we must shift from unmeasured department-centric support of students to more scalable and holistic approaches that utilize knowledge from the whole organization to better promote student success. This session will examine the limitations of current approaches in use by most institutions and will define a vision built on integrated, student-centric data for identifying at-risk students and engaging the diverse campus community in their support. Starfish will discuss its work with more than 100 community colleges; Northeast Wisconsin Technical College will discuss how its enterprise approach to student success is reaping improved outcomes.
David Yaskin, CEO & Founder, Starfish Retention Solutions
John Grant, Dean of Student Development, Northeast Wisconsin Technical College
Sponsored by Starfish Retention Solutions.

Games Based Learning: What's Your Game Plan? 
Games-based learning is an interdisciplinary pedagogy that uses best practices in collaborative learning and simulations. This talk and interactive session introduces participants to what games in college classes have the potential to do, including to decrease anxiety, increase motivation, and to deepen learning.  As a professor at Borough of Manhattan Community College, and a steering committee member of the CUNY Games Network, Dr. Kathleen Offenholley understands first-hand the potential that games-based learning offers and has seen her mathematics classroom transformed by it. Dr. Offenholley will give a short introduction to the theory and evidence for games-based learning, including some examples of games she has created for her classes. This will be followed by a hands-on activity in which participants will create their own games to teach concepts in their own disciplines.
Kathleen Offenholley, Associate Professor of Mathematics, Borough of Manhattan Community College 
Sponsored by Cengage Learning.


3:00 – 4:00 p.m.
CMT Empowering Education Community College Initiative
CMT Empowering Education is a comprehensive campaign that provides an online resource (CMTEMPOWERINGEDUCATION.com) to aid viewers in overcoming commonly perceived obstacles to furthering their education. Building on this portal, CMT made a commitment to action at the 2014 Clinton Global Initiative-America—the CMT Empowering Education Community College Initiative—to raise visibility for education and workforce struggles in rural America and strategic solutions for economic development. This session will describe how your school can join forces with CMT in support of this commitment to action as well as what that partnership entails.
Lucia Folk, Vice President, Public Affairs, CMT 
Sarah Gaffney, Manager, Public Affairs, CMT 
Sponsored by Country Music Television.

3:00 – 4:30 p.m.
A Leader in Every Seat: 7 Habits for College Students – Succeeding in College & Life
Join us to learn how an Achieving the Dream Leader College employed the proven principles of the highly acclaimed and globally recognized The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People to create a "leader in every seat"—from administrators, to advisors, faculty members and students.  Hear how Alamo Colleges have integrated Principled Centered Leadership and 7 Habits training for all employees. Students are also having this experience, using the newly released 7 Habits of Highly Effective College Students course. Alamo will share the impact of Principled Centered Leadership and how the integration has supported their strategic goals. FranklinCovey will provide information about the 7 Habits for College Students Course. As part of the panel discussion, we will introduce the Leadership Certificate that will become available for students to earn at course completion.
Jo-Carol Fabianke, Vice Chancellor for Academic Success, Alamo Colleges
Adelina S. Silva, Vice Chancellor for Student Success, Alamo Colleges
Michael Ockey, Director of Higher Education, FranklinCovey
Sponsored by FranklinCovey.

4:00 – 4:45 pm
Personalized Student Services Drive Student Success
Virginia Community College System is transforming the student experience by embarking on an enterprise-wide initiative to personalize service and customize communication in partnership with Blackboard. Student services are targeted to specific needs and provide a robust history of all student interactions, as well as checklists that help students stay on track. Personalized services have improved student satisfaction, re-enrollment rates, financial aid processing rates, and ultimately, increased student persistence and success.
Terrianne Sousa, Director of Education Services, Blackboard
Van Wilson, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Services, Virginia Community College System.
Sponsored by Blackboard, Inc.

Contextualized Mentoring as a Building Block toward Student Success 
According to a Gallup-Purdue Index, graduates who have a mentor or educator who encourages and supports them are twice as likely to be professionally engaged and three times as likely to be thriving in their well-being. This makes mentoring and one-on-one support an important part of an effective student success and completion strategy. In this session, we'll discuss the value of contextualized mentoring, mentoring in the context of a specific outcome, the challenges of offering it at scale, and how one institution is approaching adding contextualized mentoring support for the developmental education students.
Allyson Tearnan, Executive Director, Smarthinking, Pearson Higher Education

Wednesday, January 18, 2015

12:15 – 1:00 p.m. 
Using the Right Data at the Right Time

Are you trying to create a data use culture on your campus? Are you struggling with getting the right data at the right time? Are key staff members simply not engaged in discussions around data? In this session, ZogoTech discusses its work with several Leader Colleges to leverage individual student-level data for proactive intervention, while Brad Phillips of the IEBC shares approaches for increasing data use and effectively using data to improve student success. Participants will identify several leading indicators, along with developing strategies for effectively using data that they can put to use immediately at their own campuses.
Michael Taft, CEO, ZogoTech
Natalie Kistner, Director of Business Development, ZogoTech
Brad Phillips, President and CEO, Institute for Evidence-Based Change
Sponsored by ZogoTech.

How to Use Data to Promote Student Success and Prove Your Program Moved the Needle
This session will explore how community college innovators can use labor market data to fund, target, track, promote, and report on education and training initiatives. This is a “how-to” conversation for colleges eager to succeed in the transition to performance-based funding. Topics to be discussed include the following:
• How to synch programs of study with employer needs;
• Distilling the competencies students need to get hired;
• Identifying the industries and employers who need your students;
• Strategies for leveraging real-time LMI to engage employers; and
• Means of demonstrating program effectiveness within the reporting cycle of a grant.
Kelly R. Bailey, Director of Partnerships and Alliances, Education, Burning Glass Technologies 
Stephen J. Lynch, Director of Workforce, Burning Glass Technologies
Sponsored by Burning Glass.

1:30 – 2:15 p.m.
Preparing Students to Succeed in the 21st Century Workplace

Access to information is changing the way we communicate, work and learn—even though classrooms may not look all that different. We realize that the way people work has changed significantly over the past 30 years and we strive to partner with educational institutions and instructors in order to equip them to prepare students with the skills they will need to graduate and succeed in the 21st century workplace. In this session, we will review some of our findings about how collaboration, communication, and engagement via technology have helped revolutionize both the classroom and the workplace—by helping to improve student outcomes in our experience with the K-12 space as well as improving employee outcomes at Google. In addition, we will provide some specific higher ed and K-12 case studies on the significance of collaboration and communication technology in the classroom.
Lauren Harrison, Higher Education Business Development Manager, Google for Education
Sponsored by Google for Education.

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