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Contact Us/FAQs

You might find answers to your questions in our list of FAQs below. Or, for information about attending the 2022 ATD Operationalizing Equity Webinar Series please contact:

Dayna Anderson 
Meetings & Learning Events Specialist
Achieving the Dream, Inc
8484 Georgia Avenue, Suite 500
Silver Spring, MD 20910


What is the 2022 Operationalizing Equity Webinar Series? 
This four-part webinar series will focus on embedding inclusion, equity, and social justice in course content; the process of operationalizing equity; developing culturally responsive assessments; and creating inclusive environments. Through this series participants will develop their skills to transform institutions through operationalizing equity, social justice, and inclusion in teaching and learning while using digital tools. 

How much is the registration fee for the 2022 Operationalizing Equity Webinar Series? 
There is no cost for participating in the webinar series. 

Can I participate in individual sessions or do I need to attend the entire 4-part series? 
Participants can choose to register for individual session or the entire series.

 How can I access resources after the 2022 Operational Equity Webinar series?
 Participants will receive access to presentation materials after each webinar session. 

 Who should participate in the webinar series? 
 Faculty Developers, Instructional Designers and Librarians
 Department Chairs and Deans 
 Academic Affairs, DEI Leaders

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