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The Call for Proposals is Open!

 2024 Transforming Quality Conference | Advancing Solutions in Children's Health
Proposal submission deadline extended to: September 25, 2023
All proposal authors will be notified in November 2023
Children’s hospitals and health systems make critical contributions to the health and well-being of all children. Children’s Hospital Association (CHA) supports ongoing and forward-thinking improvement in outcomes for children’s health care and child health. The 2024 Transforming Quality conference provides an opportunity for children’s hospitals to connect, share learnings, and collaborate on care and system improvements impacting child health outcomes.
Driven by the evolving priorities of children’s hospitals, health systems and their communities, the conference will focus on 5 areas for quality thought leaders to engage: advances in health equity, analytic enhancements, behavioral and mental health, clinical excellence, and employee health and well-being.
We encourage you to share your organizations’ approaches for improving children’s health and health care through advancements in data analytics, evolving systems, forming creative partnerships, and practice improvement efforts. CHA supports ongoing and forward-thinking improvement in outcomes for children's health care and child health.  Special attention will be paid to the efforts, practices, and initiatives with a focus on health equity, behavioral and mental health, and employee health.

The advisory committee, made up of staff and members, seeks proposals from the following focus areas:
Advances in Health Equity
  • Identify key strategies and initiatives that have effectively addressed health disparities and promoted health equity in the pediatric healthcare settings, engaging families, and communities as partners.

  • Address strategies to mitigate implicit and/or unconscious bias in clinical decision-making, treatment plans and patient interactions to promote a culture of humility and sensitivity among healthcare professionals providing equitable care to diverse patient populations.

Analytic Enhancements

  • Leverage analytic insights to identify staffing opportunities, improve staff efficiency, and reduce costs.

  • Explore advancements in data analytics and emerging trends to support evidence-based decision-making and enhance clinical effectiveness in children's hospitals.

Behavioral and Mental Health 
  • Identify and discuss innovative practices to support the behavioral and mental health of children and adolescents including expanding access and enhancing the capacity of healthcare professionals to ensure safety of patients and staff.

  • Identify opportunities for integration and collaboration between mental health services, schools, communities as well as other relevant sectors with an emphasis on addressing underlying factors contributing to behavioral and mental health challenges.

Clinical Excellence
  • Identify cultures of pediatric clinical excellence and explore various strategies and initiatives to improve pediatric healthcare delivery by sharing best practices, evidence-based guidelines, efficient workflows, care coordination among healthcare teams to ensure optimal patient outcomes and experiences.
Employee Health and Well-being 
  • Describe and discuss best practices to enhance knowledge and skills of healthcare professionals to promote a culture of health and resilience that improves professionals' health and well-being.

  • Identify evolving care models, staffing alternatives and collaborate with healthcare organizations to improve well-being and health outcomes of employees, caregivers, patients and families.

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