Step 1 - Review These Items to Begin

Information to Get You Started

The Conference Advisory Committee is looking for proposals featuring executives giving interactive presentations that demonstrate clear results, strong leadership focus and solid takeaways.

  • When and where is the Annual Leadership Conference? TBD, stay tuned for more details.
  • Read presenter agreements, proposal submission guidelines, proposal submission outline, selection criteria and proposal writing tips prior to submitting.
  • Continuing Education (CE) Hours - Should your proposal be accepted, you must agree to submit any additional information requested in order to comply with requirements necessary for CE hours. All presenters must complete a Conflict of Interest form. For more information, refer to the presenter agreements.
  • Education session proposal authors may invite consultants, vendors or other nonmembers to co-present. However, nonmember attendance is limited to the education session. Full conference registration is not available to nonmembers. Nonmember participation is based on association review and must be disclosed during the call for proposals process. Nonmembers contact Amber Heldt or call (913)981-4168 about proposal submissions. Member institutions are not limited to the number of proposals they may submit.
  • All member presenters are required to register for the conference.
  • Presenters are required to be available to present virtually.
  • The call for proposals online application allows for two presenters per proposal. The ideal number of presenters for a standard concurrent session is two. Presenter adjustments may be made after the call for proposals review process.

Need inspiration? Read previous year’s descriptions: Education Sessions

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