Educational Site Visits

Educational site visits offer convention registrants the opportunity to visit schools and centers that have large numbers of English language learners enrolled. Each site is as unique and varied as its students. Learn how different programs face the challenges of teaching linguistically diverse learners.

Date: Wednesday, 28 March 2012. Depart from the Convention Center at 8 am and return at 12 pm, unless otherwise noted.

Cost: US$75 per ticket. Includes transportation to the event.

To order: Indicate the Site Visit number on the registration form. Unsold tickets can be purchased on site at the Convention registration desk.

Site visits sell out quickly, so register early.

EV01. University of the Arts, ESL Program*                               (20 tickets available)
University of the Arts, ESL Program provides English language support through reinforcing the university’s specialized arts and cultural studies and supporting regular field trips to take advantage of the rich artistic resources in Philadelphia.  *This site visit will depart at 9 am and return by Noon.
Interest Sections: Intensive English Program, Intercultural Communication

EV02. Asian Americans United Center (AAU)                                      (15 tickets available)
Established in 1985, AAU has worked in Philadelphia’s Asian American communities and in broader multiracial coalitions around quality education, youth leadership, anti-Asian violence, immigrant rights, and folk arts and cultural maintenance. Included in its accomplishments are initiating and monitoring the settlement of a lawsuit with the School District of Philadelphia to improve services to immigrant students.
Interest Section:  Social Responsibility

EV03. BoatPeopleSOS (BPSOS)   CANCELLED                                      

EV04. Community College of Philadelphia (CCP), ESL Program     (20 tickets available)
In the CCP ESL Program, students while working on their English skills, also take credit courses based on their academic needs and English proficiency. Skills areas include reading and writing for everyday purposes, listening to college lectures, note taking, understanding grammar, writing papers for classes, and reading college textbooks. The visit includes a focus on the ESL Health careers initiative.
Interest Section:  Higher Education

EV05. Education Law Center (ELC)     
                                             (15 tickets available)
The ELC has worked, since 1975, to make good public education a reality for Pennsylvania’s most vulnerable children, including English language learners. Visitors meet with the staff to discuss various initiatives, including its focus on advocacy for K–12 English language learners. While the ELC focuses on education and law in Pennsylvania, the overall advocacy focus may be of interest as well.
Interest Sections:  Social Responsibility, Elementary Schools, Secondary Schools, Refugee Concerns

EV06. Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG),
Clinical Skills Evaluation Center   
                                          (24 tickets available)
The ECMG offers a variety of programs and services, including certification, to physicians educated outside the United States and other members of the international medical community. Visitors are given information on the physicians’ acculturation program, shown video clips of clinical skills exams, and given criterion evaluation sheets and a DVD on the communication skills tested. 
Interest Sections:  English for Specific Purposes, Applied Linguistics

EV07. Educational Testing Service (ETS)*                                         (25 tickets available)
The ETS is internationally known for assessment and measurement. Of special interest to TESOL visitors are the ETS TOEFL and TOEIC exams. Visitors take a bus tour of the test processing and shipping location, then go by bus to the Princeton campus to meet with testing specialists.
*This site visit is approximately a 45-minute drive away, returning about 1:30 pm. Lunch may be pre-ordered from the ETS food services at an additional expense; details sent upon registering.
Interest Sections:  English as a Foreign Language, Higher Education, Intensive English Programs, Program Administration

EV08. The Nationalities Service Center   
                                            (15 tickets available)
The Nationalities Service Center offers social, educational, legal, and translation and interpretation services to immigrants and refugees. Annually it helps approximately 4,000 individuals from more than 90 countries through advocacy and by protecting, empowering, and strengthening immigrants and immigrant communities. Focus during site visit is on classes offered.
Interest Section:  No Specific Interest Section             

EV09. Overbrook School for the Blind         
                                           (15 tickets available)
Overbrook, founded in 1832, offers a variety of programs for children of different ages and abilities. There is no on-campus ESL program, but of interest to TESOL visitors is the assistive technology for converting from print to Braille and to audio support. After a general orientation to the school, visitors see these assistive technologies in use through in-class observations.
Interest Sections:  Computer-Assisted Language Learning, Secondary Schools, Video and Digital Media

EV10. St. Francis De Sales School, Adult Literacy Center                  (20 tickets available)
The Center provides support for adult African refugees and immigrants. Visitors are given an orientation to the services offered and an opportunity to observe classes. The program is Roman Catholic affiliated.
Interest Sections: Refugee Concerns, Adult Education

EV11. St Joseph’s University English Language Services               (10 tickets available)
At St Joseph’s University the English language support is provided through English Language Services, a private company. A wide range of services is offered. The focus on this visit is on the English to support academic coursework and study skills. There is an opportunity to observe a class.
Interest Sections:  Intensive English Programs, Higher Education

EV12. University of Pennsylvania, English Language Programs (ELP)  (15 tickets available)
The ELP serves adults whose purpose is to learn English for a variety of social, professional, academic, or personal reasons. In Pennsylvania every member of an institution of higher learning who teaches undergraduates must be tested and certified as fluent in English. At Penn, the ELP is responsible for testing and certifying all teaching assistants who use ESL.
Interest Sections:  Intensive English Programs, Higher Education, International Teaching Assistants

ASPIRA of Pennsylvania    
EV13. Hostos Elementary School
      (15 tickets available)
ASPIRA of Pennsylvania focuses on supporting Latino youth. In Philadelphia ASPIRA provides various educational opportunities, including a Spanish:English dual-language  elementary school. Visitors meet with the principal for an introduction to the school, observe classes, and have time for follow-up questions. 
Interest Sections: Bilingual Education, Elementary Education

EV15. Folk Arts Cultural Treasures Charter School (FACTS)         
FACTS is a community-oriented public K–8 charter school with an intergenerational vision. All students have the opportunity to study with master folk artists like an African storyteller or Tibetan sand artist. Eighty percent of the students speak a language other than English at home, and approximately 22% are enrolled in the ESL program.
Interest Sections:  Elementary Education, Intercultural Communication

EV16. Taggart Elementary School                       (15 tickets available)
Taggart Elementary School has a high rate of ethnic diversity, with more than 75% of the student body as English language learners.
Interest Section: Elementary Education, Bilingual Education

EV17. Bayard Taylor Elementary                    (15 tickets available)
Bayard Taylor Elementary School has 24% English language learners, a K–6 Spanish bilingual program, and a Latinos Unidos after-school program.
Interest Section: Elementary Education

EV18. Roberto Clemente Middle School                  (15 tickets available)
Roberto Clemente Middle School has 25% English language learners.
Interest Section: Secondary Schools

EV19. Horace Furness High School  
                         (15 tickets available)
Horace Furness High School is known for its very strong support of diversity at all levels, including Chinese Heritage and Spanish Heritage Language programs.      
Interest Section: Secondary Schools


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