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Public Sector Attendance

It’s a question on everyone’s mind… “what is the status of uniformed service and government employee attendance at the 2013 JETC?”  Here’s what SAME national is doing to respond to the restrictions on government conference attendance.  We are confident that our Posts will also rise to the challenge and assist as well and we are hopeful that some of the restrictions will be lifted prior to the JETC.

SAME HQ has budgeted about $100,000 for stipends for airfare and lodging for the following categories of SAME members:

  • Young Members (age 33 and under) and NCOs who are active in a Post or a national Committee or Council can be nominated by the Post President or Committee or Council Chair to receive a stipend (program will be announced by March 1);
  • Public Sector, Young Member and NCO Award Recipients are offered a stipend;
  • Public Sector Post and Chapter Presidents are eligible for a stipend; and
  • Public Sector Members of the SAME Board of Direction are eligible for a stipend.

SAME is waiving the registration fees for the following groups of public sector SAME members to eliminate or reduce their cost of attendance.  Individuals MUST be members of SAME to receive the registration waiver.

  • Full Conference Registration offered to award recipients Junior Officers, NCOs and Public Sector Young Members
  • Ice Breaker and One Day Registration offered to Uniformed Service SAME Members not requiring TDY orders
  • Full Conference or One-Day Registration for Public Sector Moderators and Speakers

SAME is working closely with the Uniformed Services to develop packages for the approval of a limited group of attendees to attend the 2013 JETC on TDY orders.  A high priority will be placed on invited speakers. 

In summary, SAME HQ anticipates 100 public sector attendees (uniformed and civil service) from across the United States and overseas from all Uniformed Services. In addition, we anticipate an additional 50 or more public sector attendees from the local area—mostly U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps. With this anticipated public sector participation, and more than 250 exhibitors registered to date, the 2013 JETC will continue to be the best Joint Engineer conference for both industry and government.  We look forward to seeing you there.