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Green Mission

AZA is committed to using as many environmentally responsible practices as possible and feasible for the 2012 AZA Annual Conference.  The below measures are in place and AZA is committed to carrying out these practices and encouraging all participants and attendees of the conference to do the same.

Conference Promotional Materials
• AZA prints all promotional materials on Forest Stewardship Council certified, recycled, double-sided paper, printed with vegetable oil-based inks when available.
• In all promotional pre-conference materials, AZA strongly encourages attendees to register online, rather than mailing a hardcopy registration form.  AZA also offers an incentive to attendees to register online.

Conference Registration Materials
• All registration confirmation materials and badge previews will be emailed to attendees.  Emailing a badge preview prevents the printing of multiple, incorrect badges.
• Recycling receptacles for attendee registration badges will be located at the registration desk and at Zoo Day to collect unwanted badge holders for re-use at other AZA Meetings.
• All conference delegate bags are made from raw cotton canvas or other eco-friendly material, untreated, unbleached, and recyclable.  Attendees are encouraged to reuse delegate bags whenever possible.

Conference Program Materials
AZA will be printing a program guide and addendum on Forest Stewardship Council certified, recycled, double-sided paper, printed with vegetable oil-based inks.  Attendees are encouraged to only take one copy and dispose of in the recycle bins located throughout the convention center.   A digital version of the program guide will be made available from the AZA website and will be emailed to attendees during the conference.
• All directional and room signage is reused by AZA from one event to another, whenever possible.
• If applicable, AZA will encourage all speakers to provide their handouts or presentations to be posted on the AZA website after the conference for Member access.

Exhibit Hall
• All conference exhibitors and participants are strongly encouraged to use sustainable products for any promotional giveaway items.
• Exhibitors will be offered the opportunity to identify how they are choosing to incorporate green practices into their presence at the conference.  Participants will be recognized with signange and recognition in the program guide.
• AZA will encourage exhibitors to participate in Lead Retrieval.  Attendees will have a bar code on their registration badges, allowing exhibitors to scan their badge to acquire contact information.  This will cut down on the number of business cards being distributed.
• Box lunch in the Exhibit Hall will be offered in recyclable containers or a reusable lunch bag.
• All carpet, table clothes and signage in the Exhibit Hall will be recycled or reused as much as possible.
• Low lighting and air conditioning levels will be practiced during Exhibit Hall set up and tear down, and a schedule of conservative lighting use during non-event hours will be established.
• Attendees are provided or encouraged to bring reusable water bottles.

Carbon Offsetting
The Phoenix Zoo has partnered with the Grand Canyon Trust in an effort to offset carbon emissions from the AZA Annual Conference.  Funds generated from carbon offset donations will be distributed through the Phoenix Zoo to help support the Trust’s Renewable Energy Investment Fund (REIF), which provides funding to Arizona Native American communities for installing photovoltaic systems on residences without power, tribal community buildings, and schools.

You can donate to offset you carbon emissions when you register online or in the Attendee Service Center, if you have already registered.

Sustainability at the Phoenix Zoo

It’s easy to be green – small steps make a big difference and the Phoenix Zoo is committed to being a leader in green practices – and sharing those with their neighbors.  Look here to see what the Phoenix Zoo is doing to live green, and how you can help!

Sustainability at the Sheraton

The Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel takes great pride in their property and the staff is constantly looking at new and innovative ways to reduce the Hotel's impact on the environment. Take a look at the many ways the Phoenix Downtown Hotel play a valuable role in AZA's Annual Conference Green Mission.

Sustainability at the Phoenix Convention Center

Sustainability is one of the core values at the Phoenix Convention Center & Venues. From their partnership with local farmers to their green purchasing program and solar power plant, sustainability is integral to their daily operations. Learn more about the sustainability programs at the Phoenix Convention Center.